Garden Cottage

The house has a small footprint of 40m2 to allow it to fit in the existing backyard available with the existing house plus be positioned as to match with a new dwelling. The exterior is typical bevelled back weatherboards which match the neighbours and corrugated colorsteel roof in a very simple 2 storey working mans cottage style, typical of some of the houses in the area.

Inside we left the slab floor exposed with an acid wash and whitewash broomed over for ease of maintenance and to catch as much thermal energy as possible. With privacy an issue in the tight sites of the inner city there are few windows on the sides, but rather we have gone for large windows on the front (Northern) face and 5 Velux skylights, 3 of which are solar powered for cross ventilation.

The bedroom has an internal slider to give the feel of a mezzanine but can give sound privacy at the same time. It also allows morning sun that streams through the skylights to fill the space.

The stairwell is a gallery and lightwell for the lower floor allowing the 3 skylights and the pitch ceilings to make the small interior feel considerably larger.

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