Courtyard House

We wanted to create an internal view for the lower living areas so you could stand at one end of the property and see right through the house to the other end, creating its own views, and giving a feeling of tranquillity as you move from the front garden hidden below the footpath and behind a concrete wall though a living room into another lower central courtyard, which is the main outdoor area nestled in the core of the house, through to the main living rooms and finally the pool area. These spaces make you feel you are not hemmed in by surrounding houses and give you the freedom to enjoy the entire site without intrusion from neighbours.

The upper viewing deck allows you to escape and sit in the warmth of the winter sun, catch glimpses of Rangitoto and still maintains that connection to the central courtyard below.

The warmth of the cedar contrasts the starkness of the concrete, even softening it and bringing out the natural variations which you want to run your hands over.

This house gives you so many options with protection from sun, wind and complete privacy along with great views.

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